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Try tea picking in Shushan village


Picking season for tender tea sprouts in Shushan village, Suzhou New District has begun.

Restored classic films shown in Suzhou


As a tribute to cinema's legacy, the 2022 Classic Film Festival, the only restoration-themed film festival in China, will run from Nov 25 to Dec 4 in Suzhou.

Suzhou's first ski resort now under construction


Suzhou's first indoor ski resort, which has started construction in Suzhou New District on June 18, is expected to open in June 2024.

Go get fit in Xushuguan


With the spring having come back to town, people in Suzhou New District are itching to take exercise in the pleasant climate.

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Suzhou Museum West offers a glimpse into Roman civilization


The Suzhou Museum West has collaborated with the British Museum for a five-year exhibition themed on the history of world civilization.


'Rainbow' scenic walkway along Grand Canal in Suzhou


A scenic walkway that combines cultural characteristics, recreational activities, sightseeing, and tourism has opened along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in Xushuguan, Suzhou New District.

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