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Grab a cup of Biluochun Tea

( | Updated : 2022-12-07

Watch the video to learn about the precious Biluochun Tea grown in Dongshan area, Suzhou. [Video/WeChat account: isuzhou365]

Biluochun, one of the top 10 tea varieties in China, was inscribed onto UNESCO's World Heritage list on Nov 29 along with other traditional tea processing techniques and their associated social practices in China.

Vivi, a Colombian enthusiast of Chinese tea currently living in Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu province, recently got the opportunity to visit Dongshan area, a paradise for tea lovers and the birthplace of biluochun.

Let's follow Vivi and Shi Yuewen, a Biluochun tea expert who has been working with the tea for 40 years, as they visit a tea plantation and explore the secrets behind tea planting and processing.

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