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Telemedicine services cover all Chinese cities

(Xinhua) | Updated : 2023-08-07

JINAN -- China has made significant progress in improving medical services and healthcare accessibility, according to statistics presented at a national conference on health development held in Jinan, East China's Shandong Province, on Saturday.

Notably, all residents in Chinese prefecture-level cities now have access to remote medical services.

Furthermore, China has established a total of 15,000 medical consortiums nationwide and approved 125 regional medical center projects that cover all under-resourced provinces, underscoring the nation's commitment to bridging healthcare gaps.

In 2022, 87.71 percent of county-level hospitals in China have met the basic medical service standards set by the country. Moreover, over 30,000 township health clinics and community health service centers throughout the nation have also met these prescribed standards.

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