Italian influencer showcases beauty of Inner Mongolia to the world

2023-07-24 (en.hhhtnews.com)

[Video provided to en.hhhtnews.com]

In a successful international media tour that unfolded in 2023, the "A Date with China" Inner Mongolia journey has left Italian social media influencer Yasmin in awe.

With an aim to showcase the breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage of China, Yasmin embarked on an adventure across the grasslands, engaging in horseback riding, sampling local delicacies, and creating a picturesque travel vlog.

The journey was to give Western tourists an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region – a land imbued with diverse geographical features and traditions.

During her journey, Yasmin enthusiastically participated in different activities organized by the locals. These activities include traveling the lush green meadows on horseback. She also treated herself with the region's culinary delights, savoring traditional Mongolian dishes that showcase the unique flavors of Inner Mongolia.

Through her immersive experience and new horizons, Yasmin aimed to break down cultural barriers and provide a new perspective on Inner Mongolia's rich natural wonders.