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Mysterious grottoes, Huashan Mountain| Updated: August 12, 2022

The mysterious grottoes in Huashan Mountain are the largest existing ancient man-made grottoes in China. It is like an underground palace and has a history of at least 1,720 years, according to research.

As to its origin and functions, there are 15 theories – which make the grottoes all the more enigmatic to people.


An ingeniously illuminated electronic screen in the grottoes simulates the appearance of a waterfall, to create a fantastic night scene. [Photo by the Huashan Mountain scenic area]

The whole area has been upgraded with lights and sound equipment, offering both day tours and night tours.


A variety of boulders and stones in different shapes and sizes are on display in the grottoes. [Photo by the Huashan Mountain scenic area]


An illuminated screen in the mysterious grottoes creates a fantasy space for visitors. [Photo by the Huashan Mountain scenic area]

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