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Tiandu Peak| Updated: November 7, 2022


Swirls of mist surround Tiandu Peak in the Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area. [Photo provided to]

Tiandu Peak, located in the southeast of Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area and west of Lianhua Peak, is one of the top three major peaks in Huangshan.

It is 1,810 meters above sea level and is said to be the most majestic and magnificent among the peaks of the scenic area.

In ancient times, there was no road to reach the top so it was called "capital of the immortals" and that in fact is also what its name means.

According to the records, a monk known as Daoyun once climbed the cliff from the east side and finally reached the top of the peak after a great deal of hardship in the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

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