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Special Spring festival food delights in Huangshan city| Updated: January 12, 2023

With the Chinese New Year fast approaching, people are now busy stocking up on necessary provisions for the Spring Festival.

Apart from candy, fruit and sunflower seeds – must-have purchases for the long holiday – let's check out the special festival food that folks in Huangshan city, Anhui province, are now preparing.

Nian guo


The folks in Xiuning county, in Huangshan city, are now making steamed cakes to welcome in the new year. [Photo/WeChat account: huangshanribao]

Nian guo, or steamed cakes, are made from rice flour and are pressed into different molds. The shapes of the steamed cakes symbolize wealth, good fortune and happiness. They are also decorated with a distinctive red dot, which represents a good start and a finish – to avoid bad luck through the new year.

Dingshi dessert


Some locals in Xiuning county, Huangshan city, just love to make Dingshi dessert to welcome in the new year. [Photo/WeChat account: huangshanribao]

Dingshi dessert is a traditional food in Huangshan city and the art of making it has been listed as a provincial intangible cultural heritage.

It's loved by many people for its sweet, melt-in-mouth taste and it continues to be popular during the Spring Festival holidays.

Decorated steamed buns


A lovely steamed bun made by Zhang Jianling, who runs a homestay in Xixinan town, Huangshan city. [Photo/WeChat account: huangshanribao]

Although wheat-based foods are typical northern Chinese New Year food, Zhang Jianling – from Hefei city, in Anhui province – made it a particular hit in Huangshan last year with her tiger-head shaped steamed buns.

This year, she has received a large number of orders for her rabbit-shaped steamed buns, as the upcoming Chinese New Year marks the Year of the Rabbit.

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