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Tunxi district helps ease financial burden on businesses| Updated: January 16, 2023


Tax department staff members provide door-to-door services in Tunxi district. [Photo/]

The tax department in Tunxi district in Huangshan city, Anhui has been rolling out tax rebates on the exports of its companies and has been making moves to improve its efficiency, so as to help reduce the financial burden on its businesses.

In one example, the department helped Huangshan Best Organic Tea Industrial Co Ltd, by issuing a total of 15 million ($2.24 million) yuan in export tax rebates in November.

The company's green tea was exported to more than 20 countries and regions last year, generating a projected annual output value of 300 million yuan.

"Our tea is a seasonal purchase and every year we buy about 15,000 tons of tea and we were under great pressure last year," said Zhang Rongjian, head of Huangshan Best Organic Tea Industrial Co Ltd.

"The tax bureau greatly relieved our financial pressures and our raw materials supply was sufficient, " Zhang added.

Officials say they are endeavoring to streamline procedures and make things easier for resident businesses.

"We provide door-to-door guidance and telephone services to help enterprises enjoy the full dividends of our tax policies," said Ding Ran, head of the Tunxi district taxation bureau.

Ding added that Tunxi district issued 521 export tax rebates in 2022, worth 125 million yuan. Moving forwards, efforts will be made to provide more financial support for foreign trade enterprises to expand their operations.

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