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Kecun village| Updated: February 13, 2023

Kecun village – administered by Yixian county, Huangshan city – is known for the sheer size of terrain under rapeseed cultivation, making it a hot spot for photographers with the arrival of spring.

Kecun village1.png

A stunning aerial view of Kecun village in Huangshan, whose fields of rapeseed flowers never fail to charm visitors in spring. [Photo/WeChat ID: cnhsta]

Kecun village2.png

A bucolic, pastoral spring view of Kecun village, Huangshan. [Photo/WeChat ID: cnhsta]

Kecun village3.png

Six kids have an adventure, traipsing through fields replete with rapeseed in Kecun village, Huangshan. [Photo/WeChat ID: cnhsta]

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