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Must-try food in Huangshan city in spring| Updated: March 14, 2023

Spring has arrived in Huangshan city, Anhui province. Here are some seasonal dishes that are sure to whet your appetite.

Huizhou Yanduxian

徽州腌笃鲜 huī zhōu yān dǔ xiān


Yanduxian, or bamboo shoot soup with fresh and pickled streaky pork. [Photo/WeChat ID: cnhsta]

Yanduxian is a type of spring bamboo shoot soup with fresh and pickled streaky pork. The dish usually shows up on tables in spring.

Fried asparagus with whelks

鲜芦笋爆海螺 xiān lú sǔn bào hǎi luó


Fresh asparagus and whelks are a delicious combination for folks in Huangshan. [Photo/WeChat ID: cnhsta]

Baolu cake with honey

蜂蜜苞芦馃 fēng mì bāo lú guǒ


Baolu cake with honey is a traditional pastry eaten in spring in Huangshan. [Photo/WeChat ID: cnhsta]

In Huangshan dialect, "corn" is called "baolu." So the main ingredient of baolu cake is actually corn flour.

A spoonful of fresh spring honey makes it even more sweet and attractive to locals.

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