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Huangshan turns airport control tower into coffee shop| Updated: March 16, 2023


Huangshan Tunxi International Airport's old control tower is now a coffee shop. [Photo/]

Coffee shops are common in airports all over the world. But one that opened on March 14 in Huangshan Tunxi International Airport – located in Huangshan city, Anhui province – has established itself as the first of its kind in China.

It is located in an office area on the top floor of the old air traffic control building, which was put into use after the third expansion of the Huangshan airport in 1989. The building was replaced by a new one in 2010.

Having been left idle for over a decade, the place is now crammed full of aviation-related paraphernalia and culture. The store even carefully selected coffee cups with aircraft logos and designed boarding pass-style coffee cup covers.

In addition, there are four specially blended coffees showcasing the beauty of Huangshan city. For example, one named Cloudy Huangshan uses medium and dark roasted coffee beans with top-grade Qimen Black Tea, garnished with a little lemon juice and sugar, and finally adds a milk cap with sea salt and a caramel aroma. The rich, overlapping tastes evoke the layers of clouds drifting above the city.

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