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Switched on Tunxi River Street to light up nights in June| Updated: June 1, 2023

Tunxi River Street, situated in the Tunxi district of Huangshan city Anhui province will light up the night with a range of shows for visitors in June.

With the ancient theater of Tunxi River Street as its backdrop, the shows will entertain with classical solo vocal and instrumental music, as well as rap and stand-up comedy every night.


A live concert rocks the crowd in Tunxi River Street, Huangshan city. [Photo/WeChat ID: hsgdtwx]

Concerts featuring pop, folk music, opera and more will be held every Saturday, while folklore performances and parades showcasing features of local Huizhou-style culture, such as the fish-shaped lanterns, will add to the fun every night.

The street will also feature themed light shows that will provide a visual feast, using original music, lasers and light beam interaction changes.

Additionally, the street will have bazaars selling handicrafts, cultural and creative products and other retail ware in a bid to boost spending.

Tunxi River Street is situated on the north bank of the upstream of the Xin'an River, serving as a hub for the transportation of goods for Tunxi Old Street.

It has historically been a bustling area, where boat people and bamboo rafters could purchase necessary goods, materials and daily necessities.


A shimmering evening view of Tunxi River Street. [Photo/WeChat ID: hsgdtwx]


People throng to Tunxi River Street at night. [Photo/WeChat ID: hsgdtwx]

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