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Huangshan city initiates 27 major projects worth $1.9 bn| Updated: July 4, 2023

A commencement ceremony for the third batch of major projects in East China's Anhui province was held on July 3.

Huangshan city in the province initiated 27 projects costing 13.76 billion yuan ($1.9 billion) in the third batch for the current year.

Huangshan's first and second batches of projects have already kickstarted, with a total investment of 26.83 billion yuan.

As of the end of June, 46 projects had broken ground, achieving a start rate of 88.5 percent.

Among them, data from 36 projects have been collected and integrated, achieving a data integration rate of 69.2 percent.

Noteworthy projects, including the production of complete sets of intelligent new energy equipment and eco-friendly tourism enhancements along the Xin'an River, are currently under construction.

Six of these projects have a budget exceeding 1 billion yuan, amounting to a total investment of 9.91 billion yuan.

Specifically, there are 18 manufacturing projects with a total investment of 6.45 billion yuan and 13 high-tech projects with a total investment of 5.03 billion yuan.

A particularly impressive project in the Shexian Economic Development Zone, in Huangshan city, is the Huangshan Intelligent Valley circuit board project.

With a total investment of 1.65 billion yuan, this project aims to produce 3 million square meters of circuit boards annually.

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