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Zhulan Flower Tea receives national level of protection| Updated: October 18, 2023

The China National Intellectual Property Administration has recently announced it was granting Geographical Indication, or GI protection to Zhulan Flower Tea – a local specialty from Shexian county in Huangshan city, in East China's Anhui province.

A Geographical Indication constitutes a special level of protection for special products. It's a name or sign used on products – which corresponds to a specific geographical location or origin, such as a town, region, or country.

Zhulan Flower Tea, well-known for its thirst-quenching, mind-refreshing and digestion-aiding properties, has been a part of Shexian county's heritage for over three centuries. It has received numerous accolades, including being named the top-quality flower tea and a fine product of Anhui province.


Zhulan Flower Tea originates from Huangshan city's Shexian county. [Photo/]

The production of Zhulan Flower Tea is a meticulously crafted process that involves more than 10 traditional steps, beginning with selecting the finest tea leaves and fresh Zhulan flowers as raw materials.

The result is a tea with a bright yellow color and tender suffusion, a rich and refreshing flavor and a lasting, elegant orchid fragrance – often described as "strong but not harsh, clear but not weak, with flowers like pearls floating on water."


A farmhand deftly picks tea leaves in a plantation. [Photo/]

The recognition of GI status for Zhulan Flower Tea is said to be a matter of great pride for Shexian county and is a testament to the tea's unique quality and historical significance.

Moving forwards, plans are for the county to further enhance the tea's production and management processes by upholding related legal and regulatory standards.

The ultimate goal is to preserve the distinctive characteristics of Zhulan Flower Tea and ensure the sustainable development of the local tea industry.

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