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Dried persimmon output thrives in Huangshan's Qimen county| Updated: October 25, 2023

Shuangjiang, also known as First Frost, is the 18th solar term on the Chinese lunar calendar and the last solar term in Autumn.

This year's First Frost fell on Oct 24 and in the Shiji village of Qimen county – located in Huangshan city in East China's Anhui province – folks were fully engaged in the production of dried persimmons.

The dried persimmon, or shibing in Chinese, is a traditional dried fruit snack in East China and is also a specialty of the village. Every year during this season, villagers peel and dry the harvested persimmons to make sweet dried persimmons for sale, which serves as one of their sources of income.

This year, thanks to abundant rainfall, Shiji village enjoyed a bountiful harvest.

"I have more than 50 persimmon trees at home, which can make over 250 kilograms of dried persimmons. I estimate that I can earn over 10,000 yuan ($1,368)," said Wu Fangju, a local villager.


A Shiji villager dries persimmons in the sun. [Photo/]

According to Wu Jinsheng, the secretary of Shiji village's Party branch, the price of dried persimmons has risen from around 20 yuan per kg to now over 40 or even 60 yuan.

In recent years, the village has harnessed its natural resources and traditional craftsmanship to develop a distinctive dried persimmon processing industry.

The entire village produces over 2,500 kg of handmade dried persimmons each year, significantly increasing the incomes of local residents by a combined 100,000 yuan or more.

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