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Huizhou snow pears drive economic boom in Shangfeng township| Updated: November 24, 2023

In the Shangfeng township of Shexian county – nestling in Huangshan city in East China's Anhui province – the Huizhou snow pear has emerged as something of a star show.

It's done this by captivating both palates and wallets, with its exceptional quality and special cultivation methods.

Renowned for its crisp, snow-like appearance and jade-colored hue, the Huizhou snow pear is not merely a fruit but a symbol of prosperity for the township.

Local farmers have perfected a distinctive cultivation technique, wrapping the pear fruit in paper bags soaked with the juice of unripe persimmons after the Qingming festival is held in early April. This meticulous process shields the pears from insects and negative environmental factors, resulting in a pristine, snow-white peel and crisp, with sweet and tender flesh.


When Huizhou snow pears are ready to be picked, farmhands grab both the fruit and the bags they were wrapped in for better storage and smooth long-distance journeys. [Photo/WeChat account: huangshanribao]

As the primary hub for Huizhou snow pear production, Shangfeng township boasts a planting area of over 3,000 mu (200 hectares). The annual output value has now grown to 35 million yuan ($4.89 million), reflecting the economic impact of the flourishing industry.

Recent years have seen the township adopt a forward-thinking "one village, one product" strategy, undertaking various methods to boost the development of the Huizhou snow pear industry.

As a result, it's introduced a collaborative model involving cooperatives, farms, big plantations and brokers.

Not only has this broadened the sales channels for Huizhou snow pears, but it has also delivered tangible benefits to residents. The model allows pear orchard owners to stay in contact with their roots and provides sustainable jobs and steadily increasing incomes for locals.

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