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Delicious delights on Huangshan-Nanchang High-Speed Railway| Updated: December 7, 2023

The Huangshan-Nanchang section of the Hangzhou-Nanchang high-speed railway is set to open soon – bringing about not only breathtaking scenery along its route in East China's Anhui province, but also a tempting selection of local cuisines in the towns it passes through.

So, let's explore these delightful dining offerings on the journey!

Smelly mandarin fish

Smelly mandarin fish is a traditional dish in Huizhou, the ancient name of Huangshan city. Characterized by its snow-white color, garlic clove-like shape and elastic, tender texture, it has a savory and fresh taste. Despite its pronounced smell, the flavor is remarkably fresh when eaten.


Smelly mandarin fish smells, well smelly, but it tastes so good. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_fddd8e6b4139]

Huizhou hairy tofu

Hairy tofu is a kind of tofu with wisps of what appear to be white hair growing out of it. They're the result of a fungal spore in the tofu, giving it a texture akin to blue cheese. It's a beloved specialty in Anhui where people eat it pan-fried and simmered with green onions, ginger, sugar, salt, meat broth and soy sauce. When served with chili sauce, it offers a dense and aromatic texture that is totally appetizing.


People just love mouthwatering Huizhou hairy tofu. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_fddd8e6b4139]

Huizhou kudzu starch balls

In the mountainous regions of Huizhou, where kudzu vines thrive, the kudzu root is known for its cooling and sweet properties.

Extracted and processed into a powder called kudzu starch, it serves as a common ingredient in Huizhou's local desserts. These kudzu starch balls have a resilient texture and are often paired with soft, glutinous pork fat and white sugar. The result is a refreshing and sweet taste, believed to have the added benefits of clearing the mind and improving your vision.


Always popular: Freshly steamed Huizhou kudzu starch balls. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_fddd8e6b4139]

Mount Huangshan Clay oven rolls

Mount Huangshan Clay oven rolls, a traditional delicacy from Huangshan city, are made from ingredients such as flour, fat meat, pickled vegetables, sesame, salt and oil. They have a crispy and fragrant texture and are filled with a delicious filling, making them a delightful and zesty treat.


Mount Huangshan Clay oven rolls are golden-brown and come in different sizes. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_fddd8e6b4139]

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