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Construction ramps up at Nongfu Spring's new Huangshan plant| Updated: January 12, 2024


Nongfu Spring's Huangshan plant construction site in Huangshan. [Photo/WeChat ID: huangshanribao]

The build-out is ramping up at the new plant being constructed by Nongfu Spring in Huangshan city, located in East China's Anhui province.

Nongfu Spring is one of the leading packaged water suppliers in China– producing mineral and bottled water, juices, teas and other beverages. It is headquartered in the Xihu district of Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang province.

Nongfu Spring and Huangshan city signed a cooperation agreement in September 2022, for the company to invest 1.25 billion yuan ($180 million) to establish an advanced natural drinking water production plant in Huangshan.

Since the project's inception, a dedicated project team has been formed, embodying a proactive and forward-thinking service approach.

Mei Bingsheng, leader of the Nongfu Spring Huangshan project team, praised the local government for its robust support.

He added that the streamlined process for permits, clear guidelines and efficient handling of various requirements had fostered a favorable business environment.

Notably, the Huangshan base project marks Nongfu Spring's 13th water source and is also the project that has seen the fastest progress in its preliminary stages over the past decade for the Nongfu Spring company.

Through streamlined collaboration and support services, the project is reportedly making rapid progress.

It took only 273 days to move from initial contact to signing, while the company registration to project filing was accomplished in just three days.

Furthermore, the land transfer and completion of leveling was achieved within a little over three months.

The construction of Nongfu Spring's new plant is nearing completion and the first production line is expected to be operational this summer.

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