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Huangshan Scenic Area uses smart tech to boost sustainable tourism

Updated: January 15, 2024

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The enchanting scenery of the Huangshan Scenic Area after the rain. [Photo/]

The Huangshan Scenic Area – situated in Huangshan city in East China's Anhui province – has been recognized as a national tourism science and technology demonstration park for 2023, consolidating its status as the sole selected scenic spot in the region.

In recent years, the area has significantly invested in technological innovation – yielding advancements in conservation management, service quality, product diversification and the integration of scientific know-how.

Smart technology is said to have been instrumental in resource conservation. It's boosted the protection of ecological resources and biodiversity through projects such as forest fire monitoring systems, environment observation stations and digital modeling.

Additionally, it's revolutionized tourism management and services – introducing AI-powered visitor flows early warning systems and establishing a handheld command and dispatch platform.

What's more, smart tech empowers tourism services in the Huangshan Scenic Area. It has completed China's first lightweight navigation solution in mountainous scenic areas for predicting congestion situations, displaying heat maps of the scenic area and real-time visitor flows at scenic spots on its mini program.

Furthermore, Huangshan has pioneered innovative tourism formats – including a "Travel First, Pay Later" credit tour and the establishment of an official tourism platform.

The Huangshan Scenic Area has also ventured into cutting-edge technologies like NFT digital collections and the application of drones for various purposes.

Looking ahead, the Huangshan Scenic Area is understood to be committed to implementing the national innovation-driven development strategy, intensifying efforts in technological innovation and leveraging technology to guide and enhance the overall visitor experience.

As a whole, the future of the Huangshan Scenic Area is expected to be shaped by its dedication to technological advancement – promising a high-quality and sustainable tourism industry.

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