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Huangshan homestay economy embraces sustainable development| Updated: January 18, 2024

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A luxury homestay in Yixian county, Huangshan city. [Photo/]

A remarkable transformation is currently under way in Meixi village – nestling in Yixian county in Huangshan city, East China's Anhui province.

The once weathered rural houses have been gently and ingeniously repurposed, breathing new life into the village. The innovative guesthouse designs now showcase a fresh rural charm, reflecting the unique character of the area.

Meixi village has boldly pursued a development model that integrates agriculture and tourism, revitalizing the region. This approach has reinvigorated underutilized rural properties, turning them into luxurious rural villas and fostering shared prosperity.

Firmly committed to an "ecological priority, tourism-driven, industry-enriching and effective governance" development strategy, Yixian county is establishing an ecological tourism zone. This initiative is presiding over 22 distinctive rural guesthouses that are helping to inject new vitality into rural tourism.

Moreover, infrastructure enhancements and diverse business developments are enriching the tourism industry supply chain in Yixian county. The establishment of an outdoor sports base with diverse functions along the Huanggu River has significantly boosted local employment and income.

Centered on the embellishment of tourist experiences, Meixi village has designed diverse travel routes, organized cultural activities, and expanded tourism models – all paving the way for a sustainable and vibrant future.

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