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Huangshan Mountain transforms into sublime winter wonderland| Updated: January 22, 2024

Huangshan Mountain – the celebrated UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage site, that is located in East China's Anhui province – has transformed into a winter wonderland following its second snowfall of the year, which took place on Jan 20-22.

Known for its dramatic peaks, towering cliffs and lush forests, the mountain was covered in a blanket of pristine white snow.

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Through the brilliant glow of the sun, the snow-covered peaks appear to be floating in air, creating a magical and ethereal scene. [Photo/]

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The surface of the snow-capped peaks resemble infinitely delicate brushstrokes on a canvas, creating a scene of stunning beauty. [Photo/]

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Visitors trek through the snow-covered trails in their thick coats, breathing in the rapturous beauty of the winter scenery. [Photo/]

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