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Qiyun Mountain Ziyoujia Treehouse Land Camp| Updated: January 25, 2024

The Qiyun Mountain Ziyoujia (ZYJ) Treehouse Land Camp, a new and improved outdoor sports and leisure destination – with a focus on eco-friendly treehouses – was recently reopened nearby the Qiyun Mountain Scenic Area in Xiuning county, in Huangshan city, in East China's Anhui province.

The 480 mu (32 hectares) camp integrates treehouses, container buildings, recreational vehicles, and outdoor activities to create a distinctive architectural landscape and forest-themed ecological space that overturns traditional concepts.

It provides tourists with a fresh vacation experience and is committed to being a well-known domestic family vacation brand.

The treehouses are hidden in the pine forest, which is quiet and mysterious – forming a fairy tale world that is never disturbed by hustle and bustle. With 21 themes and 62 distinctive treehouses and villas, the treehouses are imaginatively designed and well-equipped, making them a popular choice for adults and children.

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A delightfully-shaped treehouse in the camp. [Photo/WeChat account: cnhsta]

The camp offers over 20 distinctive experiences, including a children's playground, mini golf, and water bicycles.

It also houses Huangshan city's first large-scale immersive pet park, which provides tourists with a great opportunity to interact with small animals up close.

Tourists can also embark on a journey into the world of gourmet food at the treehouse restaurant, where they can experience exquisite dishes and creative food pairings.

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A European-style rustic treehouse restaurant in the camp. [Photo/WeChat account: cnhsta]

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