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Huizhou district unveils exciting Spring Festival events| Updated: January 31, 2024

The Huizhou district of Huangshan city – located in East China's Anhui province – recently announced three major Spring Festival events that will take place in January and February.

The events aim to showcase the rich culture and traditions of the region.

From January to February, visitors can take a Spring Festival bus to experience the festive atmosphere of Huizhou district. The buses will be decorated with traditional Chinese New Year motifs and play festive music.

Dragon Dance

On Feb 18, dragon dance performances will be held in various blocks in Huizhou district. Visitors can join in the fun by dancing with mini grass dragons and dragon-shaped lanterns. The dragon dances are a traditional way to pray for good luck and prosperity in the new year.

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A grass dragon dance snakes its way into motion. [Photo/WeChat account: cnhsta]

Live Performances

On Feb 15-17, the Shangjiu Temple Fair – in Yansi town in Huizhou district – will feature live performances of Huangshan folk songs and folk music. The performances will showcase Huangshan's traditional customs and culture as well.

Food Festival

From Jan 26 to Feb 6, a food festival will be held in Yansi Ancient Street in Huizhou district. The festival features a long table banquet, snack tasting and food photo-taking activities. The two cartoon intellectual property characters for Huizhou district, named Xiao Huihui and Xiao Meimei, will also make a personal appearance.

0130 图说1600400.png

These cute images are two new cartoon intellectual property characters for Huizhou district. [Photo/WeChat account: cnhsta]

Moreover, other Spring Festival activities will be held in the district's villages and towns. These will cover fun sports competitions, dragon dance performances, traditional folk performances, agricultural product fairs and snack markets.

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