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Yansi Ancient Street comes alive with Lunar New Year festivities| Updated: February 5, 2024


A long table lunch on Yansi Ancient Street. [Photo/WeChat account: huangshanribao]

On Jan 30, a series of Lunar New Year's events were held on Yansi Ancient Street in Huizhou district of Huangshan.

In the morning, visitors arrived at the snack experience shops to taste the local delicacies, while calligraphers wrote and distributed Spring Festival couplets to bring good fortune to the visitors. The unscheduled parades in the street also brought a touch of excitement to the proceedings.

In the food market with over 70 stalls, Huangshan's specialty snacks and treats were so numerous that tourists were dizzying. Visitors took photos with Huizhou district's signature cartoon mascots, named Xiao Huihui and Xiao Meimei.

At noon, 36 long tables were set up on the street. Delicious food was served, and over 220 people gathered to enjoy the local cuisine and experience the festive atmosphere. The feast was a celebration of the new year and a chance for people to come together.

After the long table lunch, the 2024 Yansi Town Performance began, featuring traditional folk performances such as opera, classical dance, and choral singing. Each performance showcased the rich local culture and expressed an aspiration for a better life.

The events proved to be a great success, attracting a large number of visitors and helping to promote local culture and tourism.

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