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Cultural exchange: Students from Gansu province visit Huangshan city| Updated: February 7, 2024

A group of 30 students from Jiuquan city – located in Northwest China's Gansu province – embarked on a great educational journey and adventure on Feb 1.

They visited the Xidi Scenic Area in Yixian county, administered by Huangshan city, located in East China's Anhui province.

The tourism department of Yixian county arranged local performances to welcome them. The performances featured traditional Huangshan folk performances such as dragon dances and a fish-shaped lantern show. The students also wandered through ancient streets and buildings, experiencing the charm of local Hui architectural style.

黄山图说1 600 400.jpg

Students participate in a fish-shaped lantern show. [Photo/WeChat account: huangshanribao]

The next day, the group ventured into the Huangshan Scenic Area. The sweeping views are said to have left a deep impression on them, with many expressing the desire to return with their families in the future.

Volunteers at the scenic area also provided detailed explanations about the geological formations and natural wonders of Huangshan.

黄山图说2 600 400.jpg

The schoolkids get together for a group photo at the Huangshan Scenic Area. [Photo/WeChat account: huangshanribao]

Following their visit, the Gansu students will further explore the cultural allure of Huangshan by visiting Huizhou Ancient Town, the Xin'an River and other local sites.

As a reciprocal cultural exchange, a group of students from Huangshan city also journeyed to Jiuquan city on an educational tour.

The cross-cultural educational trips aim to foster a deeper understanding of regional cultures and build friendly relations between the two cities, contributing to cultural exchanges and mutual development.

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