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Village brings flower sea to nationwide market| Updated: March 1, 2024

In the picturesque setting of the Maihuayu village, host Zhang Li captivates audiences with a showcase of diverse potted landscapes in a livestreaming on Feb 20. Explaining the nuances of various floral materials, Zhang unfolds the charm of Huizhou's potted landscapes.

Originating as the center of local potted landscape tradition, the village boasts over 100 hectares of potted landscape cultivation, a testament to its floral heritage passed down through generations.


A host introduces potted plants during livestreaming. [Photo/Huangshan Daily]

In recent years, leveraging live streaming and e-commerce platforms, the village's annual potted landscape sales have soared past 5 million yuan ($694,530), marking a new era of prosperity.

Enterprising minds birthed the Maihuayu village's Cultural Communication Co Ltd and its potted landscape live broadcasting team, aiming to consolidate resources and amplify industry presence.

A collaborative effort between the fishing village and the company, the team debuted in January to widespread acclaim, ushering in a new phase of market outreach.

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The village's annual potted landscape sales have soared past 5 million yuan ($694,530), marking a new era of prosperity. [Photo/Huangshan Daily]

Zhang Li, one of the hosts, articulates the joy of spreading romance nationwide through virtual platforms, resonating with audiences far and wide.

The team's strategy involves resource integration, content enrichment, and market diversification, all aimed at propelling rural vitalization forward.

In this digital age, the village pioneers a narrative of tradition meeting modernity, a testament to the enduring allure of human connection in the virtual realm.

With each live broadcast, the village's floral legacy blossoms anew, a testament to the lasting appeal of nature's beauty.

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