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Aquatic delights in Huangshan supports local development| Updated: March 13, 2024

In Huangshan, a culinary and economic surge is underway, fueled by fish.

During the Spring Festival, the aroma of stinky mandarin fish wafted through homes across Huangshan. This local delicacy, renowned for its flavor, saw unprecedented demand, both locally and nationally. From bustling city markets to quaint village eateries, the stinky mandarin fish emerged as a symbol of Huizhou cuisine's rich heritage and modern appeal.


Fish from Huangshan are popular on the market. [Photo/Huangshan Daily]

Simultaneously, Huangshan's spring water aquaculture industry flourished. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, townships like Banqiao town transformed their natural mountain water resources into thriving aquaculture hubs. Through standardized practices and brand development, they not only preserved tradition but also propelled their products onto national and global stages.


Workers process the fish in the factory line. [Photo/Huangshan Daily]

This success story underscores Huangshan's commitment to rural vitalization and economic diversification. By harnessing the culinary allure of stinky mandarin fish and the ecological benefits of spring water aquaculture, the city is carving out a unique niche in today's cultural and economic landscape. As these industries continue to grow, they promise not only delicious delights but also sustainable prosperity for the city's communities and beyond.

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