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Youthful Huizhou Opera talents shine in Huangshan| Updated: April 12, 2024

In a recent feature in the People's Daily on April 8, students of Huangshan's Huizhou Opera heritage inheritance class showcased their talents at Yanshi old street in Huizhou district, Huangshan.

Huizhou Opera, emblematic of ancient Huizhou's traditional drama, epitomizes China's rich cultural heritage and Anhui's local essence. The young students, with an average age of 19, have infused new vigor into Huizhou opera through events like the Huangshan Tourism Festival and other festivities.


Students of Huangshan's Huizhou Opera heritage inheritance class showcased their talents. [Photo/WeChat account: cnhsta]

These budding performers have rapidly spread cultural legacy across Huangshan's districts, counties, and scenic spots, embodying its cultural richness. Adorned in colorful costumes, they captivate audiences with the splendor of Huizhou opera on stage.

Their fresh talent revitalizes Huizhou opera, introducing new faces and energy to the age-old art form. Through vibrant performances, they convey the beauty of Huangshan and genuine emotions, continuing to interpret Huizhou's cultural essence.


The youthful engagement ensures the art form's enduring appeal. [Photo/WeChat account: cnhsta]

This youthful engagement in Huizhou opera not only preserves tradition but also attracts diverse audiences, ensuring the art form's enduring appeal. As they script a new chapter of Huizhou's legacy, these young talents are integral to Huangshan's cultural and tourism narrative.

The students' achievements highlight the intersection of tradition and innovation in Huangshan's cultural vitalization. Their journey promises to further enrich and preserve the timeless allure of Huizhou opera on a broader stage.

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