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Taiping Houkui tea ready for brew in Huangshan| Updated: April 16, 2024

A team of straw-hatted planters climbed the mountains, carefully plucking leaves refreshed by dews and daubed in bright green, rendering a scene that is unusual yet highly anticipated in Houkeng village, Huangshan, in the morning of April 13.

Their footsteps speak that Taiping Houkui, a renowned tea only discovered in the village, is ripe for plucking. 

The misty, favorable climate of Huangshan, characterized by its mountainous terrain and aerated soil, nurtures the distinctive qualities of Taiping Houkui, sustaining an agroindustrial pillar of the district.


Farmers pluck the Taiping Houkui tea in the morning. [Photo/]

Prices for this household tea in China ranged from 6,400 to 8,000 yuan, or $884.16 to $1,105, per kilogram, with a projected five percent increase in yield compared to that of 2023.

The tea in the basket needs to be promptly processed in workshops before brewing. That means each leaf will undergo 11 meticulous steps including selecting and drying before becoming a canister of Taiping Houkui tea. The dedicated craftsmanship is recognized in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

The tea has emerged as a vital industry in Huangshan, significantly improving local livelihoods and creating employment opportunities. During the harvesting season, local planters and migrant workers join forces in the production and processing efforts.


Farmers pluck the Taiping Houkui tea in the morning. [Photo/]

Statistics give a clearer view of the tea's economic impact, with 743.4 metric ton produced in 2023 valued at 417.41 million yuan. For farmers, a period slightly over 20 days generally generates a profit of 4,000 to 5,000 yuan, a significant boost to their income.

The tea's brand value reaches a whooping 4.41 billion yuan, showcasing the city's commitment to the integration of local culture with food, tourism and other dimensions. The city has been actively promoting themed tourism, with the village recognized as a national tea-themed tourism destination.


The tea industry significantly boosts farmers' income. [Photo/]

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